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Travel To The Napa Valley And Enjoy The Wine Train!

Photo courtesy of Napa Valley Wine Train When Rob and I get a chance we hop a quick flight to visit our heaven on Earth – The Napa Valley. 10 years ago we discovered the glory of the Napa Valley and almost get giddy with each return.  It’s so-o-o beautiful and it’s lovely to take in

Napa Valley Wine Train – Year Round Fun!

Recently Rob and I were able to visit one of our most favorite places in America, the Napa Valley in California.  10 years ago we discovered the glory of the Napa Valley and almost get giddy with each return trip.  It’s just so-o-o beautiful and... it’s such fun tasting delicious, well-crafted wines.  With this trip

Ready For A Wine Party? Join The Mommy Juice Pool Party!

I hope you’ll join me for a Twitter party to help support the latest release from Mommy Juice Wines – Mommy Juice Pool Party Pink (Twitter) Pool Party Hosted by MommyJuice Wines: Party Details Ready to kick off summer in a way that doesn’t include hearing the phrase “Mom, I’m bored already”? Let’s have a

FlipFlop Wine – Enjoy Moscato Tonight

Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to drink a sweet wine with out wincing from the sugary taste, I’m very happy to say that the vintner of FlipFlop has created a sweet, light-bodied wine that is a perfect accompaniment to the end of your day, Moscato. Moscato is best served chilled. You can

FlipFlop Wine

My husband and I enjoy wine.  Absolutely and completely enjoy everything about it.  A few years ago we were lucky enough to vacation in the Napa Valley and partake in many Winery tours, learning about the complete wine production process.  Fantastic!  (My wildest dream is to live in the Valley and have a Winery of