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If you are a blogger who does video posts, otherwise known as a Vlogger, I’m sure you’ve had your frustrations with trying to get your lighting just right for your viewers.  Some rooms are naturally bright which makes your image washed out or, you are recording in a darker room which requires the use of lamps which lends itself to creating shadows and uneven lighting.  If you are a Tutorial Vlogger, especially one who guides in make-up tips and tricks, uneven lighting is the worst.

I’ve found a product that will help create even, natural looking lighting for your laptop or you iPad, Chat Light.  This web cam light attaches to the sides of the monitor. The size of the monitor does not matter, as it can be used on small screens, large screens, medium screens, portable screen and ones that sit on the desktop all day long. The lights hook to the side of the screen and depending on its size, they will just be closer together or farther apart. The light intensity will not change because of your computer screen size.  The lights claim to stay cool so they will not endanger your monitor, or your hands if you touch them.

This product will be perfect for Tutorial Vloggers and for those that use Skype or other sites where your appearance is important.   No more shadows and glare!  And the listing price makes it affordable to everyone.  If you are in the market to create a pleasant on-line image, Chat Light is definitely worth looking into.

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