Clymer Manuals For The D.I.Y. In Your Life

D.I.Y.  = Do It Yourself.

“Honey, don’t call the repair guy, I’ll fix it myself!” 

Do you have one of these energetic people in your life?  Or, are you the one who likes to fix things?  If that’s the case, I’ve found a great site for you to check out, Clymer Manuals.

If you would like to be guided how to repair your car, or your ATV, Clymer Manuals has quite the selection of guides to choose from.  And with winter weather upon some of us they even have a selection of snow mobiles.  How handy!  They also carry books on power equipment and boat repair.  And you can’t beat the convenience of their On-Line repair manuals.

My city is a very popular bicycle town and although there are plenty of reliable bike repair shops in my area, there’s something to be said for getting your hands dirty, in this case very greasy, and knowing that you have figured out what makes your machine work and fixing a problem yourself.

I think a repair book from Clymer Manuals would make an excellent gift for the D.I.Y. person in your life.

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