5 Common Energy Hogs in Your Home

5 Common Energy Hogs in Your Home - Ann Again and again Reviews

Even if your energy bills have been perfectly manageable lately, there’s still a chance there are appliances in your home or habits you have that are draining more electricity than necessary. While it’s a great idea to schedule an energy audit, you should also educate yourself on stealthy ways electricity and money are being unnecessarily spent and wasted in your home.  See below if you have these 5 common energy hogs in your home.


1. Furnace Fans


During the colder months of the year, it’s your furnace fan you have to thank for blowing warmed air through your vents keeping you and your family comfortable. But you can also thank your furnace fan for wasting electricity, accounting for as much as 10 percent of your average household energy use. Look into an energy-efficient motor like those found on condensing furnaces to cut back on energy usage.


2. Second-Level Appliances


Moving on from your furnace, your home’s refrigerator and water heater are two additional sources of unnecessary energy loss. To cut back on loss from your fridge, simply make a habit of cleaning the coils at least once a year to allow for more efficient operation. You should also invest in a quality insulated blanket to keep your water heater from losing heat, which makes it work harder than necessary to maintain hot water at your desired temperature. You should also have a professional stop by your home and ensure you don’t have the water heater temperature set too high, which also costs money.


3. Battery Chargers


If you’re in the market for a new phone, laptop, tablet, power tool or anything else that uses a battery charger, do some research to see how efficient that charger is. The fact of the matter is that a majority of charging systems operate off old technology that’s not as efficient as it could be. This means that it’s sucking up more energy and more of your money whenever you charge your devices.


4. Home Thermostat


Rather than your thermostat itself wasting energy, it’s how you use your thermostat that sucks up unnecessary amounts of electricity. For instance, you might set the temperature to a lower or higher setting than necessary in an attempt to warm up or cool down your home faster. Or maybe you leave your thermostat on the same setting when you head out to work. Some homeowners constantly adjust the thermostat in an effort to get comfortable. No matter which category you might fall into, all of them are nothing but wastes of money. Invest in a programmable thermostat instead to save money as well as your peace of mind.


5. Game Consoles


If you’re a gamer, you may already be familiar with the power-saving features built right into your console. That being said, leaving your system on 24/7 with the power-saving feature active is still costing you money. Do your wallet a favor and turn the console off when you aren’t using it. Additionally, know that streaming movies on a gaming system costs you more energy than it does streaming on a set-top box, mainly because consoles can’t tell the difference between when you’re running a game that requires a powerful processor and when you’re just streaming your new favorite show.


Don’t spend a penny more than you have to on your next electricity bill. Hopefully, this list of 5 Common Energy Hogs in Your Home will help you save some money.  See what these tips can do for you and your finances.


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