"Drive Time" – Steven Halpern

Things have felt a bit more tense lately. There are so many factors contributing to the uneasiness that just won’t leave me alone. Yes, the economy is a huge drag. Yes, my girls are out of school for the summer and it seems like the whole neighborhood is at my house. And yes, the summer heat makes me a bit crazy.

I am always looking for ways to create peaceful feelings, trying to find that little bit of joy that will help me through the day. I’ve found a great way to bring a sense of calm while driving and that’s due to Steven Halpern. I have been listening to his music for years (my favorite job was at an artist showcase gallery and we listened to New Age music all day). Now that I have a van full of kids I turn to the sounds of “Drive Time” by Steven Halpern. The positive effects are immediate.

While listening to the music, some up-tempo, some mellow, there are suggestions encoded in the music encouraging the listener to be more in control of their emotional state. The listener can’t hear the suggestions, but our subconscious mind does. It’s wild I tell ya’! I’ve listened to it turned up loud straining to hear the words, but I don’t. However, the effects of this cd bring me peace and I like it. I like it a lot.

If you’re looking for music that will help you feel calm, peaceful and uplifted I highly recommend the music of Steven Halpern. Please check him out at Inner Peace Music.


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