Easy Electrical Safety Tips

Easy Electrical Safety Tips - Ann Again and again Reviews

Keeping a home safe and secure can be an intimidating task. With so many factors to consider, from plumbing to roofing, it might seem overwhelming. The good news is that an easy place to start is with the electric features in the house. Check out these easy tips for electrical safety and if any trouble occurs, consider all the electrical services Houston has to offer. 

Surge Protectors

Most consumers are familiar with surge protectors as a way to plug multiple appliances into a space from which cords might not otherwise reach. In reality, surge protectors are even more helpful. These devices are most critical in preventing, as the name suggests, electrical surges. When spurts of electricity exceed their voltage limits, damage can be done to appliances. Instead of running the risk of damaging an appliance or creating a blown fuse, surge protectors reroute the voltage to minimize damage.

Additionally, power surges can often be out of a homeowners control. Other common ways for surges to occur is in the event of nearby lightning strikes or issues with a power grid. Investing in something as simple as a surge protector can ultimately prevent quite a bit of damage and save otherwise necessary replacement costs for damaged appliances. One of the best things about this tip is that surge protectors are so affordable and are easy to find.  

Safety Caps

Safety caps on outlets are most important in homes that have young children. These small outlet covers prevent curious youngsters from hurting themselves or others by accident. Incidents occur when children insert objects like jewelry, silverware, hair pins, or paper clips into outlets. Tragically, many (and most) incidents occur when a caring adult is present as curiosity around outlets can be very quick and easy to miss. It is very easy to “child proof” an outlet with a safety cap, but also make sure that the cap is large enough that the child won’t put the cap in their mouth, making it a choking hazard.  

Cord Storage

Always be sure to tuck cords away neatly. This might seem like a natural suggestion, but cords are not just a hazard in the form of tripping and falling in the instance of forgetting where a cord might lay but also in the form of water. If cords are placed in such a way that water access is a possibility, a change should be made quickly. There are ways to salvage appliance cords that have fallen into water, but take steps in advance to minimize this possibility. 

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