Estroven Weight Management – It's Time For Changing Ways

You know how you can feel a certain age in your mind but your body has different ideas? Yeah, that’s what’s going on with my body and it’s time for my mind to accept it. Menopause. It’s starting earlier than I thought it would but hey, when it comes to this situation, there is no set-in-stone age when it starts. Life is a ride – hang on and, in this case, let it go.  I’ve been asked to try Estroven Weight Management to see if I feel ease from the menopause symptoms I find the most annoying. (Click the link below for a $5 off coupon at the end of this post! ).  Also, I have a giveaway of 4 boxes (Retail value $20 Each.)

Estroven Weight Management - It's Time For Changing Ways - Ann Again and again Reviews

The one thing that is a complete and utter drag are the hot flashes. Reading about it can not prepare you for what it truly feels like, the warmth from the inside takes over and you feel like Violet Beauregarde who is turning into a blueberry only you’re turning various shades of pink and oh-my-goodness, does it ever get hot in here! The second drag is the pudginess that accumulates around your middle. This is a new experience for me and not a welcome one, that’s for sure. I’m going to deter these symptoms from hanging around by taking Estroven – Weight Management. It’s formulated with Synetrim CQ that shows effectiveness in managing weight and Black Cohosh to help reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes and night sweats.

Estroven Weight Management - It's Time For Changing Ways - Ann Again and again Reviews

I tried this product months ago and didn’t find it effective. Well, a large part of this problem was that I didn’t follow the directions. It is directed to take 2 pills a day – I was only taking 1. For the past month I have been taking the recommended dose and I have felt a significant decrease with my body heat at night. I’ve received a 3 months supply and I’m hopeful I will see improvement in the ease of hot flashes however, currently I do still have hot flashes just not as often. The weight issue? That’s a work in progress. I’m going to stick with Estroven Weight Management, and continue to take the correct dosage ;-> and check in with you on my results.

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