Getting Ready For Summer Camp Fun



Summer is here! If you have a teenager like mine, you’ll be packing plenty of shorts and sunscreen for a much anticipated week at camp. My daughter went away to her first camp when she was 11 and she was hooked. When Spring rolls around I hear, “Have we booked any camps for me yet?” I love that she looks forward to her time in the great outdoors.

This year she is wanting to visit a new camp, she’s ready for new discoveries. I’ve found the online resource at incredibly helpful. You can look up various camps based on your child’s age or by camp interest. Not all camps are directed at swimming and hiking, you can also be directed toward camps that specialize in learning a foreign language or community service opportunities.

When you visit you’ll find attention paid to your questions from a panel of personal advisors that are located in the area of the camp. They help guide you toward finding an experience that’s just right for your child. You have many choices to help create a summer to remember and the helpful panel at will help make your planning a breeze.

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