Our family has returned from a vacation that had us spending many hours in our car. I made sure that there was plenty do to keep my girls occupied if staring out the window and watching the scenery wiz by became too much. I knew that hunger would also be an issue so I brought along some great meals from GoPicnic. We loved them!

GoPicnic is an incredibly healthy alternative to Lunchables. GoPicnic has so many taste treats to choose from that it made our trip that much more enjoyable. We opened our GoPicnic boxes to find adorable packages with various selections of meats, crackers, cheeses, nuts, butters and a sweet treat. They even include utensils and a ‘moist towlette’ to clean those little fingers. So smart!

I wasn’t sure how these meals would go over with my girls but they were a hit. There are selections perfect for young children, choosy teens and sophisticated adults. I can just see having a romantic picnic with my husband, a nice bottle of wine and selections from GoPicnic. These really are that good!

I’m so glad I’ve found GoPicnic. You must visit the website to see all they offer.

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