Great Idea For Family Game Night

All of the “family friendly” shows and situation comedies cannot generate the kind of fun and laughter our family has when we gather together for our weekly Game Night.   In the beginning it wasn’t easy trying to pry our children away from the computer and personal game players but now they look forward to a night of friendly competition, with a cup of hot cocoa on the side.
When it comes to board games I feel it’s good to keep in mind the personalities of your children to make for a more pleasant evening.  In our household our children have two very different personalities when it comes to competition.  One child gets stressed very easily, so I’ve learned not to choose games with timers.  And our other child isn’t comfortable with their drawing ability so, in order to avoid a lot of whining, no Pictionary for us.  (Which is a shame, because I love that game.)
One game that has fit the age range of our children, and has been highly entertaining for us all, is The Logo Board Game.   
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This game is noted to be appropriate for the ages of 9 & Up, however I feel younger children would do just fine in this game as well.  The Logo Board Game is very good at sharpening your observational skills.  And, with our average play time ranging from 45 minutes to an hour-and-fifteen minutes, this suits our children’s involvement level just right.
I’ll never forget the first Game Night where we had to stop the game because I was laughing so hard.  My husband is very funny, I do believe, and while we were playing Mad Gab he thought his team could understand him better if he talked like a robot, a hilarious mono-tone that had me crying with laughter.  We brought that game out for Thanksgiving and shared my husband’s “secret” to a quicker team win.  Not only did it work, I’m sure the hysterical laughter helped create a very memorable Holiday.  Games help make fun family memories, and there’s no time like the present to start a family game night of your own.

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