Great Wolf Lodge Fun!

We started our Summer Vacation off with a wonderful stay at Great Wolf Lodge. If you’re looking for thrilling water slides, or sweet splashing fun, then this place has it all.

Here’s Katie using all the power she has to stay on the Lily Pad’s

Rob and Lily took a thrilling ride on the Artic Blast water slide

*** You OK Rob? ;-> ***

The only way we were able to entice the girls from the water park (I needed a dry land break!) was to bribe them with “Dance-Dance-Revolution”

After a terrific night sleep (more like “crashing” for our girls) we checked out the buffet at The Loose Moose Cottage

Oh boy, did I need that coffee. I had another busy day of water play ahead of me!

There is never a dull moment at Great Wolf Lodge. There are activities of all kinds for all ages. It’s not all about the water park. However, if playing in the water is your idea of a good time, I guarantee you will have fun at Great Wolf Lodge. We sure did!

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