Have You Had Your Sprinkle Today? Shower to Shower Body Powder


Ann Again and again Reviews Shower to Shower Body PowderWith the warmer weather upon us I’m looking for ways to enjoy the season but to stay as dry as possible. I hate sweating. Hate it! My sister laughs at me but when I exercise I want to have a fan blowing right on me. Silly, I know, but sweating just isn’t my thing. Recently I was reminded of a product that not only can help me feel lighter in the warmer months, but adds a lovely, soft scent through out the day. How could I have forgotten about this? Shower to Shower Body Powder.

When thinking of powder I’m reminded of using this kind of product on my young babies, but body powder isn’t just for babies! Shower to Shower Absorbent Body Powder can make Moms feel comfortable and cool no matter how warm it gets outdoors. In fact, when running around town with baby gear, strollers and bottles, body powder becomes a downright necessity, helping to prevent chafing and keeping you smelling great all day long with fragrances that are soft, lively and just perfect for Summer time.

Ann Again and again Reviews Shower To Shower Body Powder
Breeze Fresh


Its silky-soft powder pampers the skin, while its unique absorption formula keeps you feeling drier longer – and the best part is, body powder only takes a few seconds to apply. Love that!

You can use Shower to Shower to freshen your shoes – in my case, my children’s shoes! Add to your deodorant routine to keep stains at bay. Sprinkle some Shower to Shower on after putting on lotion to take the stickiness away so you can get dressed faster. Sprinkle a bit on your sheets for a soft, more luxurious feel to help you drift off to sleep.

Many uses to help you create a fresher day! Remember the jingle – “Have you had your sprinkle today?” :->






(Disclosure: I received Shower to Shower Body Powder for my review. My opinions are truthfully my own.)

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