Having a wonderful grandson

***Guest post written by my buddy Angelo Cooper

I think my husband and I have the best grandson in the world. He has always been a delightful young boy, but now we love him even more. My husband and I decided we wanted to live somewhere that was warm most of the year. We knew this would mean moving away from family, but we couldn’t take the cold any longer. Our wonderful grandson used all his vacation time to help us move. He moved all of the boxes into the house. He set up all the televisions and even the tvbydirect. He organized our kitchen and made everything within our reach. And best of all, he found a young boy to cut our grass twice a month at a reasonable price. Normally, my husband would love cutting the grass, but he is getting much older and it is much harder to do. We are so lucky to have such a great grandson. I know he is going to miss us and we will undoubtedly miss him as well. As much as we love being close to family, we know this move is for the best and will make us the most happy. At our age, it is important to be happy and we are.

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