Having Fun On Chef vs. Challenge On The Cooking Channel!

Mt Hood Railroad 2015

What a fun night!  My Mother, sister Kathi and I joined guests on the Mount Hood Railroad for a special dining experience being filmed for The Cooking Channel.  The new series “Chef vs. Challenge” with Chef Chuck Hughes premiered last night (September 8th, 2015) and it was thrilling to see our adventure on T.V.!  Before boarding the train the chef was a surprise so that added to the fun of the evening.  Chuck Hughes is a chef from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  His previous shows include “Chuck’s Eat The Street” and “Chuck’s Day Off”, also on The Cooking Channel.  For the Chef vs. Challenge Chuck needed to cook for 125 people on a moving train in under 6 hours.  Did he do it?  Check your local listings and find out!  (And see me rave about the Rarebit :-> )

Now, about our starting point, Mt. Hood, Oregon.  About an hours drive from Portland, following the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, which separates the states of Oregon and Washington, you arrive in the Wind Surfing Capital of the World, Hood River.  This is one of my families favorite places to visit on a day trip.

Today there’s a lot of activity on this train.  Our friendly wait staff is making due with camera crews being added to the mix.  Train aisles are only so wide!  Everyone seems to be excited and ready for anything so a little bump and bobbing around is fine.  (I really don’t know how the wait staff and camera crew did it.  I can barely walk on the train while it’s still!)

Mt Hood Railroad kathi and cameraman


With each course we were greeted with all local ingredients hand-picked by our Chef.  The Hot Citrus Mussels were my favorite!  Along with the Mt. Hood Winery Pinot Gris this was a great pairing ~

Mt Hood Railroad Muscles and pinot gris


You can’t beat the view on this railroad!  With every mile you get closer and closer to our spectacular Mount Hood.


Mt Hood Railroad Moms Reflection
Can you see it Mom?


Between the delicious food courses and the ever changing scenery dining on the Mt. Hood Railroad is definitely an experience.

Mt Hood Railroad stream


And who’s been cooking for us this evening?


Mt Hood Railroad Kathi and Chuck Hughes


My lucky sister!  Chuck was very charming and visited each dining car to introduce himself and describe his local food choices, some make shift cooking supplies (grocery cart as ‘smoker’?  Yep, that happened) and the challenges of cooking on a moving train.  I can only imagine! The delicious food was the focus of the night but at the end of the rail line we see the true star:

Mt Hood Railroad Mt Hood 2015


Ahhh.  What a beauty!  To check out the show – click Chef vs. Challenge

To experience dining on the Mount Hood Railroad please visit their website: https://www.mthoodrr.com/dine/


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