Be Healthy, Be Heart Safe

Exercise is important, and everyone is encouraged to engage in it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not many people are impressed upon with some of the things that can make exercise safer and more effective. Most people are simply cut loose on the idea without doing the full research. This isn’t likely to cause harm without a pre-existing condition, but it’s still better to be appraised of the potential benefits before you invest a lot of effort.

The first reason you should monitor your heartrate is because exercise becomes more efficient at certain heart rate levels. If you can keep your effort within a certain parameter, it becomes possible to get more out of your exercise regimen without greatly expanding how long you spend at it or how hard you work. Efficiency matters more than the raw numbers. This is difficult for some people to accept, as they confuse faster speeds and longer times with progress. This isn’t the case. These are only progress if held in moderation relative to one’s body, and heartrate monitors are a good way to gauge that.

There are health considerations as well, however, even for healthy people. Even if you are capable of putting yourself under massive strain, that doesn’t actually make it better exercise. If you push yourself too hard, it can actually trick the body into thinking you’ve been afflicted with some famine or other catastrophe. This can actually induce the body to hold onto its calories as a source of fuel, making it harder to lose weight in the near future. Again, efficiency is more important than raw values, so using a heartrate monitor to make sure you’re staying within sane, non-excessive parameters is the best idea.

You can easily find heartrate monitors for different purposes online. offers monitors specialized for a variety of purposes. Individuals simply looking to get the most out of their workout can find workout monitors that assist with time and other factors. Individuals that are using monitors for their health can easily find units that inform them if a threshold is crossed. There are a variety of monitors on the market with different technical emphases.

Heartrate monitoring has become very possible for individuals working out at home or in the gym. They were once the purview of doctors performing stress tests, but now anyone can take advantage of them. There are many compelling reasons to do so, so do your research!

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