Hey! It’s An Apple Watch Giveaway! Thanks Beesavy!


For my fellow online shoppers, did you know you can save even more money while shopping online? Not only is it easier to shop online – you can save more money and get paid to shop! Yes – shopping online lets you search for the best deal and when you shop through Beesavy you will earn cash back on all your online purchases. (Also, I’m finding shops on Beesavy that I can’t find through other services… just sayin’  wink)

If you have never been paid to shop online, you are going to love this! It’s just 1 simple and easy extra step and you’re ready to shop. Beesavy keeps track of your purchases and gives you cash back on your purchases. Here are a few examples:

  • Walmart – 2%  of your purchase comes back to you
  • 1-800-Pet-Meds – 7.5% of your purchase comes back to you
  • Best Buy – 1.5%  of your purchase comes back to you
  • Uber – up to $50  of your purchase comes back to you
  • Hotels.com – 2% … and so on
  • Ancestry.com – up to $8.75 … you get the picture

There are over 2,000 of the top online brands where you can earn cash back!

All your purchases will add up and Beesavy will send you money! Use this “free” money to pamper yourself or put it away for a mini getaway.


How to earn cash back with Beesavy:

  • Click here to join and use the referral code:  AAAAR
  • Then search for your favorite store and make your purchase.
  • The money will be deposited into your Beesavy account and paid out. (Click here to learn more about how you get paid.)

BONUS – If you shop online through Beesavy and you win this giveaway, Beesavy will give you an $50 bonus into your account!


Do you want to know what’s even better? Getting paid when your friends shop! And that’s what makes Beesavy’s social shopping concept so unique. Refer your friends to Beesavy and you will earn a 10% cash back bonus whenever they shop! This isn’t a limited time offer, you will earn this bonus forever…there is no limit!


Giveaway Details:

  • Apple Watch + $50 bonus if you have made a purchase through your Beesavy account.
  • Dates: February 7-24 2017.
  • US Only
  • Use this link to join because it is an entry below. Make sure you add code SavingYouDinero

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