Understanding Depression

When someone you love suffers from anxiety or depression, you may suffer right along with them. It hurts to see someone you care about struggling with the mental, physical and emotional pain that anxiety and depression can cause. Often treated as a myth or figment of the imagination, these conditions are very real and can be very damaging. Consider the following facts.

Physical Health

Contrary to what many may think, depression is not just emotional. Deep and very real physical pain or illness can be caused by depression. Excessive sleepiness, loss of appetite, headaches, localized or general discomfort and other physical manifestations for which there is no other explanation are frequently caused by this condition.

Mental Health

A person’s mental health can suffer when they are deeply depressed. They can become paranoid or confused, or lose their ability to reason. Some sufferers may turn to alcohol or drugs to escape the negative messages in their heads, necessitating the need to take part in some facet of the substance abuse treatment Benton Arizona offers. More and more states are signing Mental Health Parity Bills into law in order to ensure that health insurance will cover treatments, including substance abuse disorder.

Emotional Health

Emotions can be all over the place when depression comes calling. Manic depressives may swing from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in just a short time. Anxiety can trigger paranoia and distrust. Things that may make other people quite happy may, in effect, have the opposite reaction or none at all from a person who has depression.

Social Life

When depression rules your world, socializing may be the furthest thing from your thoughts. Or in theory, it may sound appealing and interesting and maybe even tempting for a time. But when the chips are down and it’s time for that party, or dinner with friends, or a night at the movies, chances are high the depressed person will bow out. The social demands may simply cause more anxiety and mental anguish than is bearable to consider.

Depression and mental/emotional health remain one of the last taboos. In reality, taking it out of the darkness and talking about it, recognizing it as a real condition that affects real people, not as some sign of weakness or bad choices, is one of the only hopes for getting it recognized by society and the medical community as a condition. It is one that is important and valid and needs real treatment, whether medical, counseling or some kind of remedial therapy, such as art or music. Never give up hope that something will make a difference.

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