I Think I Can Move My Arms Today

Man, is my Trainer good! She’s having me work muscles I didn’t even know I had, that is, until the next day when I’m a tad sore. But that OK! I feel stronger. I want to feel stronger. This 24 Hour Fitness thing is pretty cool.

Did you know that the skin under your arms isn’t supposed to hang there and flop around when you wave good-bye to your little ones? Did you know that? Also, did you know that your shoulders aren’t supposed to be up to your ears? No matter what your family puts you through your shoulders should remain down and back a bit. (Take a deep breath right now and try it… Whaddya’ know? You just went up a cup size!)

It feels so nice to make an effort to spend time on me. I’m doing something that will make me stronger and healthier. And my efforts aren’t just for my benefit, I’m actually in better spirits which helps all involved in our household.

I’ve heard exercise gurus say “Envision the body you want to have.” Well, I can envision Heidi Klum’s body all I want… wait that didn’t come out the way I intended. Anyway, my point is, I will work toward a goal. But, in all honesty, getting there is part of the fun.

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