Ice Cream Samples: Do They Cost or Pay Dividends for Shops?

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While standing in line for a cold, sweet treat my mind started to wander… this time it wasn’t about paying bills, or thinking about what to make for dinner, this time I was getting into the finance of ice cream. Odd, I know. But, what can I say?  I think of when an ice cream shop has dozens of flavors to choose from, it’s difficult for customers to narrow down their choice. A manager might think that giving away free samples is too expensive but, according to Gelato Products, offering a small sample has big potential to improve profit margins. Ice cream samples: Do they cost or pay dividends for shops?

To make sampling a shop’s ice cream easier, order inexpensive tasting spoons that are designed for short-term use. The portion that an employee will serve to a customer provides only one or two bites, making samples affordable.

Fun Tasting Parties

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Ice cream isn’t the only sample that a shop should offer because more customers want to taste gelato before making a purchase. To remain organized, an ice cream shop can buy gelato spoons in different sizes or colors. If customers are tasting samples of gelato and ice cream, then having spoons that look unique to the product can help them compare the flavors of the frozen desserts. With this technique, an ice cream shop can have a fun tasting party for customers to encourage sales of the desserts.

Sell More Product

Gelato or ice cream spoons for sampling might seem expensive, but the items are affordable at bulk prices from a specialty supply store. While the ice cream supplies necessary for providing samples to customers are not free for a manager, the items can help to increase profits because customers want to buy a larger container of their favorite flavor of ice cream or gelato.  And with this summer heat wave?  I know I want all of my cold, sweet treats in the largest container possible!



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