I've Been Won Over By Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates

Mrs. CavanaughI know this is going to sound very, very odd to some of you but I am not a huge chocolate lover.   When a dessert menu is passed I will look at the non-chocolate items first.  I don’t know why, it’s just the way I’m wired.  I will say that if I’m going to have chocolate it needs to be worth the calories and with my review tasting I received of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s chocolates I am lovin’ every bite.  I even ordered when my review sample was gone!  (See a history of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s in my previous review here.)

Mrs. Cavanaughs white choc almond candy bar

The White Chocolate Almond Coconut candy bar?!  Oh my.  Just thinking about it makes me happy.  This creation is absolutely delicious!  (Adding to my cart… now.)  The Dark Chocolate Almond candy bar was smooth, rich and very tasty.  The chocolate assortment box was filled with very tasty treats that made me question what my issue with chocolate even is.  Mrs. Cavanaugh’s chocolates are smooth, rich with a true cocoa flavor.  Nothing waxy or fake in my opinion.

Mrs Cavanaughs most_famous_mixed

If you enjoy chocolate your taste buds are going to be in heaven with Mrs. Cavanaugh’s chocolates.  They offer milk, dark and white chocolate creations in an assortment of offerings:  boxed cream filled, nuts and chews or candy bars.  I’m going to add the caramel pecan log to my order.  Looks great.

Mrs Cavanaughs 1 caramel pecan log

You can create a box or order their Most Famous Chocolates assortment.  To see all of their delicious offerings visit:  http://www.mrscavanaughs.com/


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