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For those that do work outside of English speaking countries, or enjoy traveling, it’s necessary to have a resource that will guide you toward proper translation.  Sure it can be funny to misinterpret something in conversation, but not when “time is money”; mistakes can be very costly.  My husband occasionally does on-line work with other countries and if you perceive a prompt as something other than what the customer intended it can make for costly, sometimes detrimental, mistakes.  With the help of our iPhones we have found apps that can provide quick translations in any circumstance.
I have found Jibbigo to be incredibly helpful.  With this app, available on both iPhone and Android, all you need to do is speak into your phone in your language, and it will give you a translation in the language you want via text and voice.  It’s so easy!

With more than 10 different language pairs, Jibbigo requires you to purchase a separate app for each language. Each app is $4.99.  I feel the cost is worth it due to the fact that the app has more than 40,000 words in its word vocabulary.  Also, it doesn’t require a network connection, which adds to its value at making it perfect for the frugal traveler on the go.

While my daughter is discovering how much she enjoys the Japanese illustration style of Anime and Manga, it can be frustrating when she can’t understand the characters of their alphabet.  With the iPhone app Tap-Translate, she can have phrases, paragraphs and entire websites translated with the tap of a finger. Tap-Translate will even speak back the translation to you. The cost of this app is $9.99, however it’s easier than typing out a paragraph and makes for a fully enjoyable experience.

If you are looking for assistance on-line, and you are in the market for Punjabi translation, you should look into the services at RosettaTranslationServices.com.  This company is well known for its translation and language skill expertise.  Some services they provide include; telephone interpreting, liaison interpreting and sign language interpreting.  They have received prestigious certification in their field and will work hard to maintain their impeccable merit.

RosettaTranslationServices.com provides translations services in the languages Chinese, French, Italian, Russian and Punjabi, to name a few.  They not only translate Chinese to English, they also provide translating whatever combination of languages you find necessary, French to Hungarian, Burmese to Tagalog*.  I thought I knew the names of various languages however, Tagalog is a new one to me.  If you keep your windows of opportunity open it’s true what they say, you learn something new every day.  And if you’re in need of translation services look into the resource of RosettaTranslationServices.com .
*By the way, Tagalog is spoken by a third of the population in the Phillipines.

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