Let's Have A Party! Target Has Opened In Downtown Portland

Ann Again and again Reviews City Target Downtown Portland

Tuesday, July 23rd the much anticipated City Target store in Downtown Portland held a party to celebrate it’s completion. Located in the historical Galleria building on 10th and Morrison, City Target will serve the 90,000 people who work downtown and the 12,000 residents who call downtown their home. A wonderful benefit is that it will employ over 200 people.

The party was lively and loud and I can not believe how my pictures don’t show how many people were there! My lens was focused, for sure. (It was packed.) Delicious, tasty offerings from Voodoo Donut (Maple w/ a slice of Bacon Donuts, mmmmm) Kenny & Zuke’s Deli, Saint Cupcake to name a few. Lively libations from local wineries and breweries and a band – Fort Atlantic – representing The Doug Fir lounge.

As my mom and I walked through the two floors of City Target my mind was reeling with memories of what The Galleria used to look like. I worked on the second floor, at a lovely store called Pacific Arts, for four years. During the time I worked at this store I met a man named Rob Harrison, and my life changed. (We’ve now been married for 20 years.) Yes, this building holds many memories for me.

Bullseye was there having her picture taken, all the while adorned with a shiny pink, rhinestone encrusted, collar. It was a tremendous party to welcome Target to downtown Portland.

(Since I’m still getting used to my WordPress.org home I’m going to share the pics I have in this slideshow. And once I figure out how to add captions I definitely will. So much to learn!)

[acx_slideshow name=”City Target Downtown Portland Opening”]

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