May I Ask? Monday

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Each Monday I’ll be seeking advice on a different product or service. If it’s something you like I might like it to.  Will you help me?

Last week I asked about your favorite Eye Make-up Remover.   This week…

May I Ask:  Do You Facebook? 

Ok, ok.  I’ve finally done it.  I’ve joined Facebook, kind of.  Not so much for a personal connection but more for this review/giveaway site.  I’m just beginning now so I’m learning the ropes.  Slowly, but surely, I’ll catch on.  If you have a Facebook account I would love to “friend” you.  (That’s the correct term, right?)  Let me know how to find you and I’ll do it. 

I’ve created a Facebook button – badgey thing on the right of this review site.  Do you see it?  If you want to “Like” or “Friend” or whatever it is, I would be so happy!!! 

I’ll be posting my giveaway opportunities and probably sharing a silly joke or two.  I don’t know.  We’ll see.

(And by the way, I’m still curious about a good eye make-up remover.  Suggestions?)


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