My Daughter's Excited To Attend #Kumoricon – I'm Nervous!

My 15 year old daughter loves Anime.  Or, is it Manga?  Nope, I believe it’s Anime.  (When it comes to this style of entertainment I truly believe I am old. I just don’t get the appeal!  Anyway…)  Katie’s favorite show is Hetalia.  In this show each character is a country and their behavior and actions are based on stereotypes of the each country.  Her favorite character is Prussia which makes her history lesson interesting because this German Province was officially abolished in 1947.  I don’t think she’s into his history, she just thinks he’s cute. 

Hetalia Manga at Ann Again and again Reviews

Well, a very exciting gathering is coming up for her the end of August and I’m trying to settle my mind about her attending this event.  Kumoricon – An Anime Convention will be held in downtown Vancouver, WA and she is so-o-o-o excited.  However, I’m nervous.  I won’t be with her and she’ll be attending this convention with her best friend.  This convention looks massive and I’m afraid she’ll get overwhelmed and the thing is, I’ll be out of town.

I’m posting this not as a review of Anime or Manga but as a forum to get opinions regarding conventions like Kumoricon and how I should help her prepare.  She has her outfit – or better yet “Cosplay” costume – and she’s super jazzed.   I’ve printed out the schedule which has so many options it’s a bit crazy.  I’ve been to conferences before, even worked for a conference promotion company for 2 years, and I know how the environment can be exciting and exhausting.  I’m just worried about her being overwhelmed and I’m no where near to help her out.

Have you, or someone you know, attending a conference like Kumoricon?  How was it?  Any tips and tricks to share?   Any help would be appreciated.

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