My Daughter's In Control of Her Back-To-School Spending With Bluebird from American Express and Walmart

School begins in two and a half weeks so my little High School Sophomore Katie and I are beginning to get her necessary supplies. I feel it’s important that she learns how to plan and budget, so she’s taking more of the lead with her back-to-school purchases this year. I’ve been introduced to a new service offered by American Express and Walmart that will help make budgeting and tracking of expenses easier, Bluebird, the checking and debit alternative from American Express.

Bluebird from American Express and WalMart - Ann Again and again Reviews

Funds can be loaded to the account at any participating Walmart or conveniently accessed online at I can load any dollar amount I want into her Bluebird account, watch her spending practices and, if there’s some spending going on that I’m not too sure about, I can also stop the spending functionality of the account as well. (‘You’re trying to buy $50 worth of candy? Um, I don’t think so.’).

Bluebird from American Express and WalMart - Ann Again and again Reviews

Bluebird from American Express and WalMart - Ann Again and again Reviews

Katie’s finding that she’s misplacing her favorite mechanical pencils way too often so she’s learned to load up when she spots a good deal. Is there any particular school item your child(ren) seem to misplace? (Are the pencils at a party with the un-matched socks?)









Bluebird from American Express and WalMart - Ann Again and again Reviews


Composition Books are a must in High School so she’ll load up on those as well. Last year I thought I bought too many but no, I had to buy more mid-way through. Did your school supply list make it to the end of the year? Or, did you have to restock too?







So far so good on the school supplies. There’s more on the list but we’ll save that for after lunch. I am very grateful that my Katie doesn’t have the “shopping gene”.


I have to say I am really happy with the Bluebird account and it’s functionality. This has become the way we pay Katie her allowance. I don’t always have cash on hand and making a trip to the ATM isn’t always convenient. When it’s time, we load money onto Katie’s Bluebird account through on-line transfer and then it’s up to her to budget her spending. No monthly fees, no overdraft charges. Funds can be loaded online through a bank account such as a savings or checking account, debit cards, direct deposit, remote check capture via the mobile app and cash loading at Walmart registers. Pretty cool.

There are more offerings and benefits from using the Bluebird account. I’ll be sharing those with you on my next update. To read more about Bluebird from American Express and Walmart visit: Bluebird by American Express


(*Disclosure: In adherence with FTC and WOMMA guidelines I am being compensated for my participation in the American Express and WalMart Birdbird program. My opinions are truthfully my own.)

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