Oh, How We Age

Yes, I know I’m getting older. I see it on my face and I notice by not understanding what those crazy kids are saying with their loud rock-n-roll ;-> Where I don’t need to be reminded of it is with my body. Oh my aching back! I can’t believe how my body is treating me some days. I do my best to stay fit but after years of lunges, squats and yoga bridges parts of my body are letting me know that they’re getting a little tired and yes, I am getting older. I honestly didn’t think I would have issues with the functionality of the hip but hey, it happens. I’ve been researching and planning ahead, shall we say. If you’re body is at the stage where it needs serious maintenance I hope this information is helpful.

Benefits of Using a Metal on Metal Hip

When patients must undergo a hip replacement, there are a number of considerations they must take into account, and a number of options available to them. One of the options that patients must consider is the type of components that will used in their hip replacement surgery, and how those components will impact them after the completion of the surgery. In some cases, the selection of a metal on metal hip may help patients reduce the incidence of hip joint pain. The components used during the surgery should be thoroughly researched by the patient well in advance of the surgery, and should also be discussed with a physician. A patient’s awareness of how the components will impact their postoperative capabilities will help ensure that the surgery is successful in the patient’s eyes.

Metal Components Are More Durable

The main reason for the development of the metal hip is the belief that metal components will last longer. The metal itself is significantly more durable, which decreases the likelihood that a patient would have to undergo additional surgery to replace components that have become worn out. Doctors and patients try to avoid the necessity for additional surgeries, and will sometimes delay the procedure as long as the patient can endure to help avoid needing a second surgery. The use of metal hip components has helped doctors and patients avoid this, instead placing trust in the durability of the metal.

Metal Increases Stability of the Hip

The ball used in the metal components is significantly larger than other components, which increases the stability of the hip and greatly reduces the incidence of hip dislocations. The hip is an important joint when it comes to daily, routine activities, so it is incredibly important that it is stable enough to function properly at all times. A metal hip helps to ensure that this is the case.

Metal Hip Replacement Options


The best option for hip replacement surgery may lie in the use of a combination of components. The use of a high density plastic cup to replace the hip socket, along with a metal ball replacing the femoral head connected to the bone shaft by a metal stem may be ideal for many patients. These artificial surfaces seem to work well together, and feature extreme durability and stability. Additionally, these components may increase the functionality of the hip, and allow patients to enjoy a range of motion similar to their preoperative abilities.

Since hip replacement surgery is a major procedure, all aspects of the surgery should be carefully considered before arriving at a decision. Patients should discuss their options with their doctor, while making sure to let their doctor know their expectations stemming from the surgery. The types of procedures available should be discussed, and also the types of components that will be used. Having a frank discussion between patient and doctor will help to ensure that the patient has a successful operation and is satisfied with their postoperative capabilities. If a patient is unsure of the procedure or components, then research should be conducted, or another doctor should be consulted for a second opinion.

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