I am so happy that I’ve spent time with Rick Niece as he reminisces about his childhood growing up in DeGraff, OH in the book “Side-Yard Super Hero”. Rick shares his small town memories which include a pivotal friendship with Bernie Jones. Bernie goes from a unknown shadow to an important part of Rick’s life.

Diane Birch – Bible Belt

I love jazz. I love smooth jazz. In dreams, I spend warm nights on a spacious patio with a cocktail in one hand and my own personal jazz band playing… just for me. No place else to be. Just hangin’ out. Smo-o-o-oth. Diane Birch‘s first release “Bible Belt” is giving me that vibe. I completely

Who Knew?

I have to say, I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy going to a gym. Truth be told, I never thought I had the nerve to actually step inside one. Since High School I have been so aware of myself. So aware of what was going on around me and trying not to appear uneasy,

OopDoo Gets A Review

(Yes. I know. I look like a Goober. Oh well.) Contact the sweet makers of this product :-> Oopdoo Gram http://www.oopdoohug.com/oopdoo-gram-main.html

Diane Birch – Free Tune!

Soon I’ll review the debut CD from Diane Birch titled “Bible Belt”. To get us all in the groove here’s a free download of the track “Rise Up”. It’s available on iTunes until May 25th. Listen and Enjoy!

My Computer Chair Is Now A Big Blue Ball

I can tell that I’m serious about my physical strength now. For crying out loud, I’m sitting on a Fitness Ball as I write this! I have been so inspired by my participation at 24 Hour Fitness that it’s creeping into my everyday activities. Instead of making a quick drive to the grocery store, I’m

I Think I Can Move My Arms Today

Man, is my Trainer good! She’s having me work muscles I didn’t even know I had, that is, until the next day when I’m a tad sore. But that OK! I feel stronger. I want to feel stronger. This 24 Hour Fitness thing is pretty cool. Did you know that the skin under your arms

You Want Me To Do How Many Crunches?!?

Alright, I’ve begun my transformation. I actually did sign-up with 24 Hour Fitness and yesterday was my first time working out in a gym. Really. I’ve never been a member of a gym before. While talking with moms at school yesterday I got the feeling that I’m the only one too! Am I? Before I

The Scale Is The Devil

Well, at least one form of Evil any way. I have been working on getting into shape for a while now. I have a horrible back and the only way to prevent a lifetime of pain is to make these abs of mine work the way they used to. Or, at least, work better than