Proskins Slim Leggings Challenge 3-Week Update

Blogger 28 Day ProSkin Slim Legging Challenge - Ann Again and again Reviews

I seem to have hit a stalemate with my numbers this week.  This is week number 3 of wearing Proskin Slim Leggings – for at least 8 hours a day – and my numbers have not changed since last week.  Currently I am:

Measurements as of 10/24/2013:

  • Hips:  42 inches
  • Top of Thigh:  26 1/2 inches
  • Above Knee:  17 1/4
  • Below Knee:  14
  • Widest part of Calf:  15 inches

My most surprising results came after just the first week.  (Visit:  ProSkin Slim Leggings 28-Day Challenge First Week Results).  I have noticed that my skin feels softer, which is nice in these chilly Fall days when my skin tends to get dry and itchy.  I haven’t been using lotion on my legs during my challenge to make sure I don’t interfere with the ingredients of the micro-encapsulated yarn used to create the Proskin Slim Leggings.

ProSkin Slim Legging 28 Day Bloggers Challenge Ann Again and again Reviews
Dear Model, a little smile wouldn’t hurt now, would it?

The Slim leggings are so light, so easy to move in, that wearing them during any exercise, including yoga, makes for unrestricted movement in any squat, lunge or down ward dog your trainer calls for.  They have helped keep my legs cool while exercising, which is a plus for me because these days I’m “enjoying” waves of heat even when I’m standing still!  Ah, isn’t getting old fun? :->

28-Day Bloggers Challenge 3 Week Update- Ann Again and again Reviews

I would like you to join me in the 28 day challenge as well! Leggings from Proskin Slim normally cost $120 but, if you join me in the 28 Day Challenge, you will save half off your purchase! You can begin the process by visiting: Proskins 28 Day Challenge . Once you click the “Join Now” button you will be on your way to participating in the challenge with me. This opportunity does not benefit me financially in any way, this is not an affiliate program (generating income through clicks to a website) and I am not paid for my participation. To be clear, I have been provided Slim leggings for my review.

I will be providing updates for the next 2 weeks – meaning more photos and measurements – so there will be no hiding the results of this product. So? Are you ready to take the Proskin Slim challenge? Let me know if you do!

(*For more information on Proskin Slim and to see my results from last week visit:  2 Week Update For Proskin Slim Leggings 28-Day Bloggers Challenge)

(*Disclaimer: As stated above, I am participating in the Blogger 28 Day Challenge. I am not paid for my participation. I did receive a pair of Proskin to facilitate my review. My opinions, pics and measurements, are completely true.)

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