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Here we were, on a sweet evening out to the theater, walking back to our car when – wait – where is our car?  We had been talking about the play we just saw and stopped where we thought we parked.  My mind started racing with thoughts of what I had in the back seat.  I left my purse behind because I didn’t want such a big bag for the theater, I just needed my lipstick and a few dollars.  My wallet!  My wallet was in my purse which is in the back seat of the car we aren’t seeing.  My husband stayed calm and started walking back down the street.  I’m trying not to panic when he says, “Here it is!  We walked right past it!”  *whew*

After laughing at ourselves, and our lack of attention, I started thinking about the possible reality of having our car stolen that night and what that would have meant to our lives.  We recently had false charges put on our credit card and even with the banks help it was still a mess to correct.  I don’t even want to think what it would take to clean up my entire wallet being stolen!

Recently I received the timely opportunity to try the services of the company that is #1 in Identity theft protection, LifeLock.  From the instant I signed up they show me a comforting message, “From the moment you joined, we started protecting you”.  Nice.

I found the Customer Service agent incredibly helpful and made sign-up quick and easy.  LifeLock is securing the safety of my personal information with regards to credit cards, drivers license and insurance cards and offers a $1 Million Total Service Guarantee if a member falls victim to identity theft due to their failure. 

I am thrilled with the services LifeLock offers:

  • WalletLock – Helps you cancel or replace contents of a lost or stolen wallet
  • eRecon – Patrols more than 10,000 criminal websites for the illegal selling of personal information
  • Reduced Credit Offers – Requests your name to be removed from these mailing lists
  • 24-Hour Member Service – Seven days a week, 24 hours a day they are available

Not only am I a new member of LifeLock, I am able to share a 1-Year Membership for the LifeLock Plan ($110 Value) with one of my lucky readers! (U.S. Only) Wouldn’t you like to have your identity protected too?  Enter below to win. Good luck!

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