Quick And Easy Ways To Add Fitness In Your Day

There’s no denying it, when you exercise – get the blood flowing and your heart pumping – your mood lifts and your day feels better. I put off exercise for about 3 months, and my mood really took a hit. I’m back at it now, 6 weeks in, and I notice a big difference in my outlook. I call exercise my “natural mood elevator”.

A big excuse to not exercise is that there just isn’t enough time in your day. I completely understand. It isn’t just the time given to the actual exercise, it’s the shower after and then putting yourself together to head back to work, where ever that may be. But the thing is you can do a few moves now and a few moves later on and they will all come together to make you stronger and feel better at the end of the day. Check out these quick and easy ways to add fitness in your day:


Quick and Easy Ways To Add Fitness In Your Day - Ann Again and again Reviews

April is Stress Awareness Month and Office Depot has teamed with Fitz Koehler, fitness expert/author/celebrity trainer to help show us how to incorporate more movement into our day. Video’s of workout ideas coming soon from Fitz :->

(*Disclosure: This infographic is shared with permission from Office Depot.

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