Reno Rose – Pirose for Fashion

If you need to add color to your wardrobe, or update your style, there is no better way then to add a scarf.  I found this out years (*ahem* and years ;-> ) ago while working for a lovely clothing store.  I couldn’t believe the transformation a splash of color around the neck brought to a look and to your attitude.  Reno Rose, Inc. has created a new scarf design that will help you transform any outfit from casual to classy with one twist, they call it Pirose.  

The Pirose design is named after the graceful movement of pirouettes, which the designer knows intimately being she was a professional ballerina for 10 years.  The fabric of the Pirose scarf flows so beautifully, lending itself to a graceful flow on your body.

Pirose by Reno Rose retails for $35 and can be worn 12 different ways due to its innovative design.  A helpful guide included with your scarf shows all the ways your Pirose can create 12 different looks for you.  Pirose comes in 3 sizes all of which create figure flattering shapes along with gorgeous designs and colors.

You can purchase your Pirose by Reno Rose, Inc. at .  View their video here. 
(*disclosure: This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Reno Rose for this review*)

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