Safeway Helps You Save At The Pump – $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

Safeway Gas Rewards Program at Ann Again and again Reviews

I am all for getting the best deal possible.  When my Safeway grocery store began it’s Club Card program I signed up right away.  With your Safeway Club Card you get great prices on your groceries and now they are giving you great rewards at the gas pump too!  When you shop at Safeway, and use your Club Card for great savings, you now can earn rewards points to save up to 20¢ per gallon at participating Chevron and Texaco stations!  Summer traveling is upon us and I’m sure we all will welcome savings at the gas pump.

Earning rewards is easy:  For every dollar you spend while using your Safeway Club Card, you earn 1 point.  This can include purchasing groceries, or while at their Pharmacy.  When you purchase a qualifying gift card your earn 4x the rewards points!  Every 100 points earns you 10¢ off per gallon of gas.  You can store your points until you reach 1000 and save a $1 per gallon!  (Check out this link for full details:  Safeway).

Let’s see what I earned on my first trip out toward earning rewards:

Safeway Gas Rewards Program Ann Again and again Reviews

I knew I had to pick-up salmon, because our Safeway has the best salmon around.   A few other items were on the list so how did I do?

Safeway Gas Rewards Program at Ann Again and again Reviews

I see I’m on my way!  Love saving money!
















Is there something specific that you shop for at Safeway?  Other than their Seafood department, their wine selection is terrific and they have my cats favorite food as well as my dog Benny’s favorite treats.  What items are on your Safeway shopping list?

For your next shopping trip I have something that will make one lucky person smile, a $50 Safeway Gift Card!  Giveaway time!  Enter through Rafflecopter below for your chance to win!  Good luck :->

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