Sam The Cat Decorates His Christmas Tree – Video

We had a cat adopt US over the Summer. I went out to the patio, sat down for breakfast and *boom* there are two green eyes staring at me from the end of the table.  I saw how incredibly thin he was and couldn’t resist feeding him. (Ms. Tender Heart here!) This little guy was so hungry that he ate 2 cans of food at a time. This eating habit brought about his name (courtesy of my husband) Two-can Sam. Get it? Toucan Sam?  From the Froot Loops cereal? 

After a visit to the vet we found no chip and no neighbors claimed him from “Lost Cat” postings.  Sam chose to stay on our patio, in our yard, and would never leave.  Sam wanted to be a part of our family and we accept.  (It’s taken a while with our oldest daughter but our youngest is SO happy!)  When the weather turned cold Sam decided to move from our patio to the inside of our house.

We discover more about his personality as the days go by. He keeps to himself, yet also likes to know that we’re around.  So far he’s very, very quiet. While we were decorating the Christmas Tree, he observed from the recliner, resting on his cozy blanket.  The next day I brought a little tree next to his food dish.  Below you’ll see how he chose to decorate his little tree, with a toy mouse.  Sweet Sam.

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