Dressing To Allure Can Be Classy

Who doesn’t like being seen in a knockout outfit? Of course, the definition of “knockout” is relative, but one rule remains universal – a sexy dress does not automatically equal a trashy dress. Finding a dress that is both classy and sexy is easier than you’d think, and here’s why.

What’s in a word?

The word “sexy” can mean many things to many people, but whether you interpret it to mean lots of exposed skin, or very little, it all boils down to self-confidence. Of course, it’s nerve-wracking to squeeze yourself into a teeny-tiny outfit, but rocking your look is about way more than just appearances – it’s about your attitude.

A little help from your heels

A pair of heels can go a long way in turning a regular dress into a sexy dress, even if the dress wasn’t supposed to fall within that category! Now by this statement, I don’t mean heels that leave you not-so-gracefully falling to the floor every time you try to walk in them – rather, even a small heel that can give you a bit of lift is exactly what you need to take your outfit from ordinary to oomph! The trick is balance. If you choose to show off your legs, keep it more modest across the rest of the outfit. If you are showing more skin elsewhere, cover your legs. This is the one trick that can give your outfit an edge, without tipping you over into trashy-looking.

Take it to the top

A sheer top can go a long way in boosting an outfit’s sex appeal, without revealing too much. It lets you flaunt a bit of skin without being tacky, so pair one with a camisole underneath and a blazer to top it off with! If you are insecure about your legs, keep the focus on your top half. A plunging neckline on a sexy dress will immediately shift the focus! Even a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans can be as sexy as the sexiest dress. Imagine the impact of sexy lingerie under a plain, sheer t-shirt, and a few choice pieces of jewelry.

Face value

Whether you opt for a full dress or a more relaxed outfit, you can always boost your mood and your attitude by boosting your natural assets with a spot of make-up. There’s no need to cake it onto your face, either. In fact, studies have indicated that most people are put off by mask-like make-up, and prefer a look that just smooths out the natural features. Remember the importance of balance when you do your make-up: accentuated eyes call for more subdued lips, and a prominent mouth will require you to cool it on the eye makeup. Don’t be scared to whip out that elusive little sexy number that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. After all, you don’t need any excuse to seize the moment and wear what you want, and what you know you look good in!

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