Skin Free Review

I’ve been seeing the product name “Skin Free” in the blogosphere and I’m thrilled I was given the opportunity to give these products a try.

My skin care routine started when I was really young. Like around 10 years old. My sister used yummy smelling scrubs and lotions. My mom put on masks and toners. I wanted to play with all of this too so my mom got products just for me. And when friends spent the night we would put on our 45’s and set up our arsenal for facials and manicures. Ah… I can smell the Noxzema now.

I’m constantly looking for products that will do whatever my skin needs at the time. Going to a drug store brings me such joy! Those jars on the shelves symbolize hope wrapped in plastic wrapped in (usually) high prices. But let me tell ya’ something, Skin Free products are not expensive, thus begins a new relationship between me and Skin Free.

First off you are getting quality ingredients. Skin Free does not include petroleum jelly or mineral oil. That is a plus. Next you are getting products that give you a greater saturation of the skin. That’s what we want.

I have found Skin Free products to be effective and a wonderful value. (And something that I absolutely love is their use of Niaouli oil in some products. I love the smell!)

You can purchase Skin Free products at your local Walgreens and CVS. Or, you may place an order on-line at *Free shipping on orders of $25.00 or more!

For some fun, why not enter the Skin Free giveaway that is happening at my other site Ann Again… and again. There is a $30 gift certificate for one lucky winner!

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