Skincare by Likewise – Mother’s Day Giveaways!

Since I entered my 40’s I have been searching for anti-aging products with a fervor.  I’m very lucky to have wonderful genes on my side – my mother’s skin is absolutely incredible as well as her energy level.  (I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to catch up with her in that area ;-> ).  Recently I tried the product line from Likewise, created by dermatologist Dr. Julie Pena, and was very pleased with the results.

Each product is loaded with anti-aging antioxidants and specially formulated to work in harmony with your skin’s natural tendencies. Even more importantly, all Likewise skincare products are water-resistant and contain broad spectrum SPF 50 for year-round sun protection.

When trying Likewise Face + Body wash please take them at their word, a little goes a long way.  This wash contains malic, glycolic and salicylic acids to help regenerate and revitalize skin.  These ingredients create an exfoliation without the typical scrub we’re used to, but really, use a small amount.  I have sensitive and put this cleanser to the test.  Little dab – my skin was clean and had a healthy glow. Larger dab – my face felt very warm and looked too red.  After an hour it calmed down but I learned to use a pea size amount.

A multitasking moisturizer with sunscreen, Likewise Daily Skincare for normal-to-oily skin is the perfect antidote for combination skin. This lotion is infused with Zinc and has an SPF 50 count.  It is unscented and can be used day or night.  GREAT moisturizer!  And perfect for the upcoming summer season.

Day 3:  Mother’s Day Giveaways at Ann Again… and again Reviews 
For one lucky winner I am able to share 1 Face + Body Wash and 1 Moisturizer, a retail value of $79.00.   Will that lucky winner be you?  Good Luck!  (U.S. Residents Only)  (if rafflecopter doesn’t appear please click “Read More”)

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