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Cute! Enter To Win A Pair of Lugz!

Welcome to the 2016 Epic Holiday Gift Guide Lugz Women’s Tambora Giveaway!   Who else is ready to face the winter chill in boots that are not only functional but totally cute as well?  Enter today for your chance to win a pair of Lugz!  Good luck Ann Again and again Reviews readers!  This contest is hosted

Enter now to win a $200 Target Gift Card

You + Target + $200 = Happiness! Can you just picture it?  Receiving an e-mail that says “Congratulations! You’ve won $200 to spend at Target!”  Yes you can!  Enter now to win a $200 Target Gift Card. (See Rafflecopter below). Now, what would you spend that lovely gift card on?  I’ve had my eye on

Giveaway! Cute Clutch From 88 Handbags

    I just LOVE a stylish giveaway. Wouldn’t this be a lovely addition to your Valentine ensemble? YES! Yes, it would! I’m joining other handbag loving bloggers to present you the chance to win an Elaine Python Convertible Clutch from 88 Handbags. Enter today (see below) for your chance to win a Convertible Clutch From

Do You Know What You Should Wear For An Hourglass Body?

Mid Rise Skinny Jean $142.99 (24% off) Fullfillment By Amazon Mid Rise Skinny Jean $189.95 Fullfillment By Amazon Scoop Neckline Top $35.99 Belk.com Scoop Neckline Tie Waist Top $24.00 Belk.com V Neck Mini Dress $10.70 Amazon.com Marketplace Fitted Blazer $178.00 Neiman Marcus Wrap Cardigan Sweater $49.00 Amazon.com With Spring arriving you might be looking at

Proskins Slim Leggings Challenge 3-Week Update

I seem to have hit a stalemate with my numbers this week.  This is week number 3 of wearing Proskin Slim Leggings – for at least 8 hours a day – and my numbers have not changed since last week.  Currently I am: Measurements as of 10/24/2013: Hips:  42 inches Top of Thigh:  26 1/2

2 Week Update For Proskin Slim Leggings 28-Day Bloggers Challenge

Here I am, on week two of my Proskin Slim Leggings 28-Day Bloggers Challenge. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts these leggings are incredibly comfortable to wear so the “challenge” of wearing them for 8 hours a day is easy-peasy. These leggings are not a tight, spandexy kind of fabric, they are a soft,

ProSkin Slim Leggings 28-Day Challenge First Week Update

To be completely honest I’m not really sure what’s going on here. I’m finished with my first week of the ProSkin 28 Day Blogger Challenge wearing ProSkin Slim Leggings for at least 8 hours a day and I have actually lost inches. I haven’t changed my exercise routine, I haven’t changed my eating habits, the

I'm Taking The Blogger 28-Day Challenge With ProSkin Slim Leggings

Here’s where I stand, I’m in my mid-Forties, my metabolism has changed, along with my hormones, and keeping my body in shape is harder then before.  The magazine articles I’ve been reading for years, as if to prepare myself for this change, haven’t prepared my mind for how I’d feel about this actually happening to

Firmoo Gets Shady With Summer Sunglasses

I live in a well known grey part of the Pacific Northwest, Portland, OR.  However, the sun does shine here, especially in the summer time, and that is when I find sunglasses to be a necessity.  Maybe it’s because it doesn’t shine as often that my eyes aren’t used to it’s powerful glare?  Or, it’s

Let's Have A Party! Target Has Opened In Downtown Portland

Tuesday, July 23rd the much anticipated City Target store in Downtown Portland held a party to celebrate it’s completion. Located in the historical Galleria building on 10th and Morrison, City Target will serve the 90,000 people who work downtown and the 12,000 residents who call downtown their home. A wonderful benefit is that it will