Must-Know Facts About Dermaroller

When I first heard of a skin treatment called Derma Roller I thought it was a joke. I mean, seriously? People pay to have a roller full of tiny needles go over their face/body? Um… I don’t think so. However, after doing research I find that I’m not afraid and I’m ready to give it a try! Check out Must-Know Facts About Dermaroller.  (Would you give it a try?)


Dermaroller treatments are specific ways to treat skin problems like wrinkles. They involve the use of needles to stimulate skin repairs from within the body. If you think that you want to try Dermaroller then the first thing you should know is that you can do the treatments on yourself at home or choose to go to a clinic for more intense treatments. Here are some other must-know facts about Dermarollers.

Dermaroller Types and Needle Sizes Matter

The first thing you should know is that not all Dermarollers are exactly alike. Some of them have longer needles than others. Those that you might find in a skincare clinic typically have the longest needles, and that’s a good thing. Deep tissue stimulation should only be performed by trained skincare clinicians in a sterile environment. At home, Dermaroller needles should be smaller and used more to stimulate healing in the top layers of skin and treat minor skin problems before they become worse.

Dermarollers Can Work When Lasers Won’t

Lasers and some other machines for skincare and skin treatment techniques are wonderful under some circumstances. But they can actually damage the skin more in other circumstances. For example, treatments involving lasers or other heat sources can burn skin that is excessively oily. That makes those treatments bad choices for that group of patients. Those with oily skin and other skin problems don’t have to worry about staying away from Dermarollers because the treatment involves no major heat source.

She looks happy, right?

Dermaroller Treatment is an Inexpensive Way to Improve Skin Health

Even if you decide to have clinical Dermaroller treatment, another advantage is that it will be a comparatively inexpensive treatment. It doesn’t cost as much as most laser procedures or a lot of other skincare options. So, if you’re looking for a great skincare treatment while on a tight budget, Dermaroller could be your perfect solution.

How to Do Dermaroller Treatments Yourself at Home

When opting for home Dermaroller treatment, the first big question is which Dermaroller to buy. You can get a good idea of which ones work the best by reading reviews online. You may also find it easier to find the exact Dermaroller you want online and have it shipped to your house.

Every home Dermaroller kit should come with specific instructions on how to clean and prepare your skin before you treat it. Some kits also include pre-Dermarolling chemical peel instructions. In general, the process is to clean your skin as directed, do the peel if you want to, and then gently roll the Dermaroller over the section of your skin that needs treatment. You may have to be a little extra cautious if you are using the Dermaroller on areas where your skin is thin or extra sensitive, but just apply a level of pressure that you feel comfortable with.

After you’re done with the Dermaroller itself it’s important to treat your skin with a medicated serum or cream. Most Dermaroller kits include the necessary serum or explain what kind of serum you need. But, if you still have questions, you can consult a skincare technician or dermatologist for advice.

Once you know how to perform the treatment on yourself you can do so up to three times in a week, but you shouldn’t do it more than that. Your skin needs time to make its necessary repairs. If you allow it that time to heal between sessions then you should see the best results.

So there you are, lovely readers. If you try a dermaroller please let me know about your experience!


10 Foods To Fight Aging


10 Foods To Fight Aging - Ann Again and again Reviews


Of course I use lotions and potions to help my skin look as good as possible, yet there’s more to reflecting beauty then what’s on the surface. I agree with Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O., board certified in family and anti-aging medicine, that beauty really does come from within. There’s no denying the beauty of a those with kindness, love and understanding in their heart. And, we know, that eating well makes you feel better and keeps your physique in top shape as well.  But don’t underestimate the power of certain foods when it comes to beauty and looking youthful.  Read on for 10 Foods To Fight Aging .

Keep them guessing your age

1.   Edamame: Collagen, the fibrous protein that keeps skin firm and wrinkle-free, begins to decline in your 20’s.  Eating edamame, a food rich in soy, can help preserve collagen.  Soy contains isoflavones – a natural compound that is capable of exerting estrogen-like effects.

2.   Tart Cherry Juice: Who knew that this tangy drink naturally contains melatonin? Well, it does.  And melatonin promotes sleep.  Beauty sleep – enough said.

3.   Oysters: These shellfish are filled with selenium and zinc, which both possess skin-clearing properties.  Zinc is a trace mineral that is essential for its role in cell growth and cell replication.  Selenium is a dietary mineral that increases your antioxidants levels.  Antioxidants are critical for preventing blocked pores.

4.   Honey: This sweet treat is a natural humectant, meaning it attracts water.  When it comes to your skin, consuming honey helps draw water from the mineral tissues to the surface of the skin, keeping it moisturized, supple and flake-free.

5.   Sweet Potato:  Aside from being delicious, sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A.  Vitamin A prevents hair from becoming dull and lifeless and your scalp dry and flakey – which can result in dandruff.

6. Cantaloupe: Very high in antioxidants, you’ll keep your eye health on point and since it is rich in vitamin C immune health is increased. That means fewer colds leaving you weak and sluggish. Finally this power fruit protects you from free radicals at the cellular level.

7. Brazil Nuts: All you need to eat are 4 of these a day to need the daily requirement. Packed with selenium, Brazil nuts protect skin against age spots and sun damage. Be sure to keep them in the fridge; once shelled they spoil.

8: Roasted Chickpeas: Packed with kaempferol and quercetion two inflammation fighters, chickpeas keep skin looking clear and even. Also as we age our metabolism slows down. Manganese and copper are two minerals that support metabolism at the cellular level.

9. Cucumbers: A cucumber a day keeps cellulite away. Not only are they delicious and packed skin plumping water but, when sliced and rubbed on cellulite prone areas they phytochemicals tighten collagen reducing the visibility of cellulite.

10. Guacamole: You can’t go wrong with avocados, which are great for your blood and bones. Oleic acid, the monounsaturated fat that is good for your heart makes up 59% of it’s total fat. It’s also great for skin and hair.


This information was shared by permission.  Please read below for more on Dr. Calapai. 

About the Doctor:

Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, anti-aging medicine and chelation therapy. Named the “The Stem Cell Guru” by the New York Daily News, Dr. Calapai is a leader in the field of stem cell therapy in the U.S.

With over 25 years experience, Dr. Calapai has hosted nationally syndicated radio shows, including his two weekly call-in shows on WABC 770-AM in New York, where he offers health and medical advice. He’s advised Mike TysonMickey Rourke, Steven Seagal, and worked as a medical consultant for the New York Rangers hockey team as well as various modeling agencies.

He is the author of several E-books: Heavy Metals and Chronic Disease, Reverse Diabetes Forever! Seven Steps to Healthy Blood Sugar, Top Ten Supplements You Can’t Live Without, and Glorious Glutathione. Learn more about Dr. Calapai on his website,

5 Beauty Tips To Help You Shine This Summer

5 Beauty Tips To Help You Shine This Summer - Ann Again and again
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Are you like me and experience sensitive skin during the summer season? If yes, let me help you catch up with the latest in supportive summer time skin care tips. Let’s check out 5 beauty tips that will help you shine this summer.

Supportive and Simple Skin Maintenance Tips to Get Sparkling Skin This Summer Season

  1. Healthy habits for your skin:

Take care of your skin by using moisturizing products that contain coconut oil, olive oil, rose oil, or chamomile oil. It’s best to stay away from products that include unhealthy chemicals, such as;  Phthalates (banned in EU), PABA and Homosalate.  Not only can these ingredients make your skin more susceptible to breakouts, hives or rashes, they have been found to interfere with your thyroid, your immune system and increase your chances of cancer.  (And who wants gross chemicals on their skin? Yuck!) Check out – 151 Awesome Uses For Your Coconut Oil.

  1. Take care of your diet:

Now’s the time to include more crisp vegetables, organic products – milk and other dairy items-, beans, grains, and fiber-rich foods. Vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and vitamin E are useful in helping the skin to stay brilliant and well nourished.

  1. Drink plenty of Water:

I know this.  You know this.  We ALL know that you need to drink plenty of water.  It’s the best thing for your skin cells and it helps with weight control as well.  The typical human body ought to drink no less than 8-9 glasses of water every single day. Green tea can be chilled, for those hot summer days, and has high cancer fighting agents.  Hostile cancer-causing properties in green tea ensures against an assortment of skin issue. Liquids additionally detoxify the skin and keep the skin delicate, dewy and clear.

  1. Always apply sunscreen before going out:

Continuously apply a sunscreen which contains high SPF factor 30 minutes before venturing out in the sun. Sunscreen shields you from brutal UVA beams that can prompt skin disease. Reapply the sunscreen at regular intervals and pick a waterproof sunscreen. Attempt to stay inside amid 10 am to 4 pm as the sun beams are harshest amid that time and can wreck havoc skin.

5 Beauty Tips To Help You Shine This Summer - Ann Again and again


  1. Working out:

I’ll end these skin magnificence tips by reminding us of the importance of exercise. You don’t have to knock yourself out in the heat of the season, just try to incorporate some movement that will get your blood flowing and your heart pumpling;  cycling; swimming, strolling. How about bad minton or hop scotch?  Any thing to stimulate your heart to make your skin glow in good health.

So there we have some good tips to help you shine this summer. You can get an excellent variety of beauty products at Nordstrom by clicking her for a promotion code, so don’t wait!  Order online (from your lounge chair while sipping a lemonade) and enjoy your summer season!

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