Tyson Free Movie Night With Redbox

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Tyson Free Movie Night With Red Box - Ann Again and again Reviews

What better way to spend a cold, winter’s night then by gathering for a movie with family and/or friends and eating tasty treats. Sounds perfect to me!  What makes it even better is that Tyson® Foods has partnered with Redbox® to reward us with free movie nights.  Check out this fun offer – Tyson Free Movie Night With Redbox.

Receiving this Redbox offer is easy.  Visit Walmart then:

Purchase (at least) two Tyson products in a single transaction

Snap a picture of your receipt

Upload the picture of the receipt at www.TysonFreeMovieNight.com.

Receive 2 Redbox promo codes each valid 1-night DVD rental from Redbox.*

You know all those movies you’ve been planning on seeing but just haven’t gotten around to it yet?  This is the perfect offer for you.  It could be one movie is for ‘Family Night’ and the next movie is for a special ‘Date Night’. Sounds like a good plan.  You can purchase all participating Tyson products at Walmart Supercenters and Walmart Neighborhood Markets.

How about enjoying wholesome, easy to eat State Fair Mini Dogs? A fun alternative to a bowl of popcorn!

Tyson BeefMini_14ct


Hey, what about having ‘breakfast for dinner’? That’s easy to do with Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant.

Tyson sausage_egg_cheese_croissant_sandwiches_combined_la_entertainment

This offer is so fun that you might as well share it with your family and friends!  Be sure to let them know about Tyson’s “Winter To Go” offer on your social media channels and use #TysonFreeMovieNight to stay connected. Perhaps share movie reviews!  “My favorite part of watching this movie was when… What about you?” #TysonFreeMovieNight.  That should get the conversation started.

*1 promotional code per transaction. Payment card required. Charges apply for additional days. Can’t be combined with other offers. Subject to additional terms. Void where prohibited.

Herbal Essences Naked Volume Collection – Review

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try Herbal Essence Naked Volume Collection for yourself - Ann Again and again Reviews

A few weeks ago I made a little video to show how easy it is to order the latest from Herbal Essences – The Naked Volume Collection – through Walmart.com. The latest hair product line from Herbal Essences is free of silicones, parabens, and dyes. With the beginning of the new year I’m doing what I can to eliminate unwanted toxins, chemicals (and pounds!) from our household and this product line fit with my goals.

 try Herbal Essence Naked Volume Collection for yourself - Ann Again and again Reviews

My kit arrived and I was so happy with the incredible scent of grapefruit and mossa mint oil. (I want it to come in a candle too! So delicious.) My hair is color-treated so I’m very careful to use products that won’t strip my hard-earned cash down the drain. I contacted the company and was told that the ingredients used in Herbal Essences Naked Collection are safe for color-treated hair. After using Herbal Essences – Naked Volume collection I am very happy with the results of my hair. The shampoo had a fine lather and the conditioner made my hair softer than I expected, to be honest.

When it comes to hair care products I usually spend a bit of money as I buy them from my hair stylist. I had an open mind trying this product and wasn’t expecting to like it this much! Of course the shampoo cleaned my hair, however the conditioner really surprised me with it’s effectiveness. Very smooth, soft results and I just love the scent.

My verdict: It’s good. I like it!

Purchasing more organically grown vegetables, using natural cleansers, and paying more attention to how I treat my body and mind are more of a focus for me now. Using Herbal Essences Naked collection fits perfectly with my plan. Give it a try and let me know what you think :->



(*Disclaimer: My product was purchased with a provided Walmart gift card and product information was provided by Herbal Essences. My opinions are truthfully my own.)

Enter To #Win a $50 Walmart Gift Card – Try Herbal Essence Naked Volume Collection

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Enter to win a $50 Walmart Gift Card - try Herbal Essence Naked Volume Collection for yourself - Ann Again and again Reviews

Enter to win a $50 Walmart Gift Card - try Herbal Essence Naked Volume Collection for yourself - Ann Again and again Reviews
I love when a good beauty product also smells terrific. Scent is a big deal to me with all things. (And I find delicious fragrance also gets my kids into washing their hair more often ;-> ) Herbal Essence hair products smell terrific and I love how they make hair look and feel fabulous. Herbal Essence latest line – Naked Volume – is available online only at Walmart.com. Then available in Walmart stores the week of January 6th. Herbal Essence Naked Collection Volume Kit includes Naked Volume shampoo and conditioner with 0% heavy residues, dyes and parabens.



So there. Me on video. (Stand-in please???)

I’m so happy to share with you the opportunity to win a $50 Walmart gift card so that you can purchase, and experience, Herbal Essence Naked Volume for yourself! Woo woo ;->

Enter to win a $50 Walmart Gift Card - try Herbal Essence Naked Volume Collection for yourself - Ann Again and again Reviews


The Naked Collection Volume Kit includes Naked Volume Shampoo, Conditioner, Volumizing Soufflé Styler, and Dry Shampoo.

Naked Collection Volume Kit

– Kit includes Naked Volume Shampoo, Conditioner, Volumizing Soufflé, Flexible Hold Spritzer and Dry Shampoo.

– Everything you need for irresistible volume!

– Online-only offer.

– Limited-edition kit, available while supplies last.

– Get it first at http://www.walmart.com/ip/33006917 .

– Your chance to be the first to try Herbal Essences Naked!


Product Information:

Naked Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

– Restores hair’s natural body.

– Made with zero heavy residues, dyes, and parabens.

– Light weight shampoo provides a clean luscious bounce.

– Conditioner keeps hair detangled, nourished, and maintains full volume.

Naked Volume Dry Shampoo

– Great for days when you don’t have time to wash your hair.

– Refreshes your look for lightweight, clean hair — even on days when you don’t wash.

– The natural tapioca formula absorbs excess oil and transforms lifeless, oily hair into fresh hair.

– Delights senses with the crisp essence of citrus and mint.

– How to use: Gently spray on and work into roots, brush out as desired.

Naked Volumizing Souffle

– Weightless, volumizing styler gives you a lift for fullness that lasts.

– Delights the senses with a boost of grapefruit and mint.

– How to use: Gently work mousse through wet hair for volume.


The Volume collection lets you bare your softest hair! It has an invigorating blend of white grapefruit and mint extracts. It contains zero dyes to leaves your hair naturally clean and full of irresistible volume.

Enter to giveaway today. Good luck! (U.S. residents only.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*Disclosure: The Walmart gift card and information have been provided by Herbal Essences. All opinions are truthfully my own. As is my screen time. (Where was my stand-in?!?)

In accordance with the FTC guidelines: product information was taken directly from the product packaging

Managing Students Spending With Help From Bluebird Debit Card From American Express And Walmart

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Bluebird from American Express and WalMart - Ann Again and again Reviews

Ann Again and again Reviews Bluebird debit Card from American Express

While visiting the lovely beach town Oceanside on the Oregon Coast I looked down on the gravely sidewalk and found a $5 bill.  After I picked it up I looked around for anyone that might be searching their pockets, looking for money that wasn’t where they thought it was.  When I got back to the car I told my girls what I found and without skipping a beat I hear “Can I have it?!”  We visited a store later and my 15 year old found a little bear that touched her heart.  She asked “Mom, can I get this?  It’s only $5 and that’s what you just found.”  I handed her the bill and said, ‘Here.  This is yours now.  And don’t you have an event coming up that you wanted money for?  Do you want to save?  Or, do you want that bear?’  She didn’t buy the bear.  Funny, when it was my money spending it was no big deal but, when it was her money, the bill stayed in her pocket.

Learning money management is an on-going, daily lesson, no matter what age you are.  A recent study showed:

Concerns over Money Management

  • Parents and students align when it came to concerns about money management and overspending:
    • 60 percent of parents concerned that their child will spend more than is available
    • 80 percent of students worried that they will spend more than is available
      • However, while more than half of parents believe their children are still learning about responsible money management, more than half of students think they actually handle money well.

Students Believe they are Equipped to Manage Their Own Money:  More than one-half (54%) of students say they manage their money very well – fewer parents concur (44%).  Most parents say their child entering college this fall is OK at managing money – they are currently learning.

  • Students Don’t Want to Go Over Budget: Eight-in-ten students are concerned (very or somewhat) with having money readily available for an emergency (81%), spending more than they have or staying within budget (80% each).   

Bluebird from American Express and WalMart - Ann Again and again Reviews

With regard to this survey I am even more pleased with the Bluebird debit card from American Express and Walmart.  I signed up for an account in my name and one for my 15 year old daughter as well. I was concerned about over draft fees and found that Bluebird has no over draft fees.  I had to call and clarify if what I was reading on their FAQ page was true and yes, it’s true.  I asked, ‘So, for example, if my student thinks she has $20 in her account and only has $18 there is no overdraft fee?”  They said, “That’s right.  When you make another deposit to her account we will deduct the $2.00 to make up the balance.”   The benefit of using the Bluebird debit card increased for me after this call.  My daughter is excited about her financial responsibility and I feel more secure about this next step.

Bluebird from American Express and WalMart - Ann Again and again Reviews

I have been able to easily access our accounts on-line, adding and/or transferring funds quickly.   When my daughter makes a purchase I can see on-line where the purchase was made, and for how much.  For the beginning stages of money management this is a great tool.  And, when I have questions that need more clarification I give them a call.  I have received prompt attention by a live person on the other end of the telephone.  A real person.  My call to them just yesterday (I have a lot of questions ;-> ) the representative wasn’t sure he had the correct information and found a Supervisor who could help me.  I have made 4 calls to Bluebird, some to clarify what I was reading, some to find out more information,  and every call has been a positive experience.

I believe Bluebird debit card from American Express and Walmart is a smart move.  You can sign-up for a card free of charge on-line at Bluebird.com.  Or, you can go to your participating Walmart and receive a starter kit for $5 and begin your account at that very moment.  If you do sign up for a Bluebird account please come back here and share your experience!   www.bluebird.com


About The Survey

The American Express Bluebird College Survey was completed online among a random sample of 502 college students (who will live at college this fall) and 507 parents of college students (who will live at college this fall).  The research survey was conducted online by Ebiquity between July 18 and 23, 2013.  Overall, the results have a margin of error of +/- 4.4 percentage points at the 95 percent level of confidence.

About Bluebird

Bluebird – an alternative to debit and checking accounts from American Express and Walmart– was designed to help parents and their children better manage and control everyday finances together. Signing up is easy:  Consumers can sign-up for free on Bluebird.com, or choose to buy a $5 account set up kit at a local Walmart for immediate use (with limited functionality). The set up kit includes a starter card, which can be funded with cash or a debit card at the register with any dollar amount between $1 and $500. Once funded, the starter card can be used immediately anywhere in the United States where American Express Cards are accepted. Customers must then complete their account set up at bluebird.com in order to access the full features and benefits of Bluebird, as well as receive their personalized Bluebird card.

American Express is a global services company, providing customers with access to products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success. Bluebird is a prepaid access account issued by American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

(*Disclosure:  In adherence with FTC and WOMMA guidelines I am being compensated for my participation in the American Express and WalMart Birdbird program.  My opinions are truthfully  my own.)

My Daughter's In Control of Her Back-To-School Spending With Bluebird from American Express and Walmart

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Bluebird debit card from American Express and WalMart - Ann Again and again Reviews

School begins in two and a half weeks so my little High School Sophomore Katie and I are beginning to get her necessary supplies. I feel it’s important that she learns how to plan and budget, so she’s taking more of the lead with her back-to-school purchases this year. I’ve been introduced to a new service offered by American Express and Walmart that will help make budgeting and tracking of expenses easier, Bluebird, the checking and debit alternative from American Express.

Bluebird from American Express and WalMart - Ann Again and again Reviews

Funds can be loaded to the account at any participating Walmart or conveniently accessed online at Bluebird.com. I can load any dollar amount I want into her Bluebird account, watch her spending practices and, if there’s some spending going on that I’m not too sure about, I can also stop the spending functionality of the account as well. (‘You’re trying to buy $50 worth of candy? Um, I don’t think so.’).

Bluebird from American Express and WalMart - Ann Again and again Reviews

Bluebird from American Express and WalMart - Ann Again and again Reviews

Katie’s finding that she’s misplacing her favorite mechanical pencils way too often so she’s learned to load up when she spots a good deal. Is there any particular school item your child(ren) seem to misplace? (Are the pencils at a party with the un-matched socks?)









Bluebird from American Express and WalMart - Ann Again and again Reviews


Composition Books are a must in High School so she’ll load up on those as well. Last year I thought I bought too many but no, I had to buy more mid-way through. Did your school supply list make it to the end of the year? Or, did you have to restock too?







So far so good on the school supplies. There’s more on the list but we’ll save that for after lunch. I am very grateful that my Katie doesn’t have the “shopping gene”.


I have to say I am really happy with the Bluebird account and it’s functionality. This has become the way we pay Katie her allowance. I don’t always have cash on hand and making a trip to the ATM isn’t always convenient. When it’s time, we load money onto Katie’s Bluebird account through on-line transfer and then it’s up to her to budget her spending. No monthly fees, no overdraft charges. Funds can be loaded online through a bank account such as a savings or checking account, debit cards, direct deposit, remote check capture via the mobile app and cash loading at Walmart registers. Pretty cool.

There are more offerings and benefits from using the Bluebird account. I’ll be sharing those with you on my next update. To read more about Bluebird from American Express and Walmart visit: Bluebird by American Express


(*Disclosure: In adherence with FTC and WOMMA guidelines I am being compensated for my participation in the American Express and WalMart Birdbird program. My opinions are truthfully my own.)