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Pull Over!!! Then Text - Take the pledge at Ann Again and again Reviews

I wish I could write words to make this the ultimate post to end the action of texting while driving.

I wish I could find the right combination of words to make those drivers that feel their text message is more important then someone’s life – perhaps their own –  a text that just can’t wait that they just have to send it while they’re driving 3000+ lbs. hunk of metal, I wish I could convince them to stop.  I mean, come on!!! Nothing – No Thing – is THAT IMPORTANT to share, or respond to, that you have to text while you drive.  Take the pledge with me – Take Back Your Drive.

 PULL OVER!!!  Then Text!

Click this graphic and see the reality

There.  Easy peasy. Pull over, then text.  Concentrate on the job at hand – you’re in control of 3000+ lbs. of metal that’s moving.  That’s where a drivers attention should be, on driving. Will you please join me in committing to give up cell phone use – both hand held and hands free – while driving for, at the very least, one week.  It won’t hurt, I promise.  Please visit the site: National Safety Council and sign the pledge. Have children that drive? Sign them up too!

A delayed response to a text won’t hurt however, texting while driving can, and will potentially kill.

The other day a dog darted across the street from in between two parked cars.  If I had been distracted at the wheel I would have hit and killed this poor dog! And I know it would be an experience that I couldn’t forget.  I would play it over and over in my mind. (Do you do that to? Go over scenarios over and over and…  Ugh. It’s exhausting.)

So, are you with me? Yes you are!  Put your phone in your purse/bag. Put your phone away from easy reach.  You’re driving a car, let that be your focus.   Click this link to sign the pledge:  National Safety Council  Thank You!!!

#TakeBackMyDrive @NSCsafety


(*Disclosure:  I was compensated for my participation in sharing this incredibly important message.  My words are my own.  Let’s be safe out there! smile for Shopify)

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