The Scale Is The Devil

Well, at least one form of Evil any way. I have been working on getting into shape for a while now. I have a horrible back and the only way to prevent a lifetime of pain is to make these abs of mine work the way they used to. Or, at least, work better than they have. It’s slow going. I have WiiFit, which I love, but I know I need more to get me where I would like to be, strength wise.

I’ve decided to challenge my comfort level and go outside the world of a virtual Trainer and work with a real one. An honest-to-goodness Trainer. I’m starting a program at 24 Hour Fitness this month. I’m nervous but I need to do this. I want to (no I don’t/yes I do/no I don’t/ YES! Yes I do!) get my rear in gear and feel better, stronger.

Wish me luck.

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