The Side-Yard Superhero

I am so happy that I’ve spent time with Rick Niece as he reminisces about growing up in DeGraff, OH in the book “The Side-Yard Superhero“.

Rick shares his small town memories which include a pivotal friendship with Bernie Jones. Bernie goes from an unknown shadow to an important part of Rick’s life.

While reading “The Side-Yard Superhero” you get the feel of small town DeGraff and the people that contribute to the vibe of the town. This story will transport you to days when things moved a bit slower, neighbors took interest in one another, and coffee was 10 cents a cup. I want to live in DeGraff, OH!

This book will warm your heart and put a smile on your face. I really needed a story like this now. I think we all do.

* The Side-Yard Superhero” is the first book in a three book series “Life In DeGraff: An Automythography” published by Synergy Books.

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