Tips for Remodeling a Commercial Space

Remodeling a commercial space is very different from remodeling a residential space. There is a different set of factors to consider when choosing materials and decor. Here are some key questions to keep in mind while updating your property.

Will It Last?

One of the most important qualities of any material is durability. As a business person, you will not have the time or money to constantly be replacing elements of your space. You want this to be a one-time expense. Flooring may be the biggest concern when choosing durable materials  Epoxy floors are a great option for spaces that get a lot of foot traffic. They also come in a lot of different styles, so you’re bound to find a version that works for you.

Will It Go Out of Style?

When designing your space, style is of the utmost concern. It’s easy to fall prey to the trends of the moment, but avoid this if you can; you will find yourself to be out of style once the next wave of trends hit, which is usually quickly. Try to stay simple and timeless, especially in your color pallet. Neutral bases offer a pleasing background for bold, easily-replaced accessories. An elegant scheme will also help you if you ever wish to sell or lease in the future, as your space will appeal to the majority of buyers.

Will It Break the Bank?

Most of the time, the most expensive option isn’t the best one. The price tag is not proportionate to the quality of a material or item. For example, when looking at countertop options, simple quartz can outlast granite while looking just as good. Bamboo can endure beyond more expensive wood options while still giving you the natural look. Be sure to practice due diligence before being swindled by clever marketing.

Will It Serve Multiple Purposes?

You can’t expect your business to remain exactly the same over a long period of time. If you lease your space, many types of businesses may eventually occupy it. The most cost-effective way to anticipate this is to choose materials and furnishings that can be flexible. Could the front desk work for either a receptionist or a hostess? Does your lighting suit both an office suite and a nail salon? Choosing simple options supports long-term goals.

Commercial spaces require calculated design choices. Let these basic questions guide your decisions during your remodel. Forget what’s hip, make it a classic. Now, go wow the public!


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