What You Should Know About Contreltophobia

We are in a new era. The acknowledgment of harm that has been done by those that don’t understand personal boundaries, use their power to impose themselves without consent and accepting that their actions – mostly physically aggressive – not only shock in the moment that the action is happening, but, for the rest of the victims’ lives.  Memories not only stay in your mind, your body remembers as well. This can lead to a phobia that I didn’t know had a name, until now. Keep reading to learn about Contreltophobia.

Contreltophobia is the fear of sexual abuse. Obviously, sexual abuse is something terrible, and on the surface, it would seem that this is something natural to fear, but as a social phobia, it can cause many problems that reduce the quality of your life. Sometimes referred to as agraphobia, it is important to receive a diagnosis confirming that you have this problem, and then you can move forward with a treatment that can help you live a better life.

Causes of Contreltophobia:
Like other phobias, a fear of sexual abuse is something that comes about from experiences in your past. One of the obvious factors is having been sexually abused earlier in life. However, not everyone who suffers from this phobia has been abused. Sometimes they are witnesses to this type of abuse and develop a fear that it could happen to them. Although a person can suffer from this condition due to a series of events in their past, it is often traced to a single event. In addition, there can be a genetic component that makes some people more susceptible to developing the phobia than others. This is why treatments must be developed for a particular person.

Symptoms of Contreltophobia:
Contreltophobia can often be difficult to diagnose because there is a wide range of symptoms that people can experience. As is the case with many phobias, anxiety is a common symptom. However, because it is commonly found in other phobias, it is important that the source of the anxiety be found. Many issues that a person has are first brought to the attention of your primary care physician, but no physical cause can be determined. Nausea, headaches, dry mouth and diarrhea are only a few physical symptoms, that in conjunction with anxiety, may indicate that you suffer from Contreltophobia. There are also certain psychological issues that you may have, even without the presence of physical symptoms. A lack of concentration is one example. Other examples include a fear of losing control of the everyday aspects of your life, a feeling of dread or avoiding certain places or people. If you have any these symptoms, you should seek professional help for a diagnosis.

Treatment for Contreltophobia:
The exact treatment needed for this condition depends greatly on the severity of the condition, but once you have a diagnosis, then a treatment plan can be constructed to fit your specific situation. In some cases, you may need anti-anxiety medicine to help control the physical manifestation of the condition until the phobia can be treated with psychotherapy. Group therapy can also be helpful. Simply being around others with a similar phobia can reduce the severity of the phobia. Hypnotherapy can help you relax and perhaps recall fully the source of your phobia, in other words, what the root cause of the phobia is. Unfortunately, even once you understand why you suffer, it doesn’t mean everything will automatically be better. You may need to take a more holistic approach and add yoga, meditation or other methods of relaxing to your treatment.

A growing understanding of this condition:
As more people have come forward with their sexual abuse stories, there’s been more understanding of the fear of this form of abuse. Sexual abuse is not more common today, but there is a greater awareness of the pervasiveness of this abuse, and people are now more likely to be heard and believed when they tell stories. People are now free to seek and get the help they need without a stigma attached to the desire for help.

The question becomes how to seek help. If you exhibit physical symptoms, you need to go to a medical doctor to rule out any possible illness that may be causing the symptoms other than Contreltophobia. If you are experiencing a lot of anxiety, it may be possible to get a prescription to ease the symptoms, such as rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath and panic, but this will not address the underlying issues relating to the anxiety. Namely, your fear of sexual abuse. For this reason, it is best to seek help from those who understand this condition. More information can be found at websites such as https://massivephobia.com/agraphobia-fear-of-sexual-abuse/.


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