Who Knew?

I have to say, I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy going to a gym. Truth be told, I never thought I had the nerve to actually step inside one.

Since High School I have been so aware of myself. So aware of what was going on around me and trying not to appear uneasy, or out of place. Cool. Putting that kind of pressure on oneself can be exhausting. (It even led a boyfriend to give me a card that said “Get Over Yourself”. I was mad at first. But as I’ve aged that message has never left me and I will be forever grateful.)

One month ago I decided to join 24 Hour Fitness and this experience has changed my perception. While at the gym everyone is caring about how much they can lift, how far they can push themselves. 30 lbs? Go for 40. 1 mile? Go for 2. What I was doing was the last thing on their minds. I finally got it through my head and it feels great.

I’ve conquered a fear this month. I walked through doors expecting to be judged and instead I was given tools to become a healthier version of myself. It’s about time.


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