Why Nursing Is a Great Option for Those Seeking a Career Change

Many workers get stuck in a career they don’t enjoy or one that doesn’t give them access to the top earnings. After several years or working in an unsatisfying job, you may be ready for a career change. If you have an interest in helping people, the medical field, and using your critical thinking skills, nursing may be a great option. Here are some reasons why you should consider nursing as your second career.

Job Opportunities

The biggest reason some people change into nursing after another career is because of the many job opportunities for nurses. Nurses are in demand all over the country. In states like California, Texas, and New Jersey, there is a nursing shortage, so it’s essential that new people go into nursing to meet the country’s need for qualified healthcare workers.

Flexible Career Choices

Nurses also have a lot more flexibility in their career than other workers with professional degrees. If you earn your degree from an institution like Grand Canyon University nursing program, you can choose your future job from a variety of places. You could work in a hospital, nursing home, school, camp, or even get a position as a travel nurse to name a few of the different opportunities. Nurses can also opt to be nurse practitioners and take even more control of their career.

Unique Schedules

Working as a nurse also gives you a little more wiggle room in your daily schedule when compared to other professional jobs. In the nursing field, it’s common to work longer shifts and have different working hours other than the usual Monday through Friday nine to five schedule. Some nurses work a few days back to back and then have more than two days off in a row, giving you more time to spend with friends and family.

Giving Back

A great benefit of being a nurse is the knowledge that you’re helping people and giving back to the community. Nursing can be a tough job with the amount of knowledge required and the challenges of working with people who are injured or sick. When you have a hand in helping someone get better or save a life, it can be extremely rewarding.

Educational Options

For those looking at a second career, it’s not always possible to jump into a new job if there aren’t affordable and accessible educational opportunities. With the nursing field, you have access to a wealth of top-rated college degree programs, many of them online, that allow career changers to earn the credentials to get a job in the field. Schools like Grand Canyon University school of nursing make it convenient to earn your degree as a working adult.

Earning Potential

Nursing can also be a lucrative career and give you better earning potential. The median salary for a registered nurse is $70,000, which is well above the average salary for many other professions. Nurses with more experience and unique specializations can earn much more than the median and be able to afford a house and other big-ticket items.

Industry Growth

Finally, the last reason why going into nursing is a great idea is because of the outlook for the healthcare industry. As baby boomers age, the industry expects to grow even more giving nurses plenty of choices with their career and freedom to make their own destiny. Job security is a top benefit of working as a nurse because of the extreme need for qualified healthcare workers in this country and other parts of the world.

Making a big career change can be a daunting experience, but if you choose a field that is expected to grow and gives you access to more financial resources like nursing, it could be the best decision of your life.

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