Wife Swap

*** Thanks for the post, Kathy Shelton

They started off a long time ago with the television series Wife Swap and now they have a celebrity version of the show. I use the term celebrity loosely though because the people on the show are what you would call C List celebs at best. Nothing against them it just shouldn’t really be called Celebrity Wife Swap in my opinion but I digress. The point of the show is to teach the people in it how thankful they are for their spouses when they usually take them for granted. For two weeks the wives of the two families will trade places and live with the other family. The first week the wives have to fill the shoes of the mom who lives there and do everything the way she does things and the second week the new wife gets to take over and do things her way. Most of the time the families end up taking away some tidbit of info that they want to take home and use with their families and everyone is happy at the end. Check out Direct TV satellite to find out when Wife Swap comes on in your area.

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