Win A $50 Winco Gift Card! Use The Ibotta App To Make Your $ Go Further!

Win A $50 Winco Gift Card Giveaway! Use The Ibotta App To Make Your $ Go Further!

When I was very young one of my favorite things to do was be in my room and have a tea party with my stuffed animals and imaginary friends while listening to my Alice In Wonderland album. My little cups weren’t filled with tea however, they were filled with cereal. Any chance I would get I would eat cereal. Cheerios® was a favorite of mine then and it is now. How about you? do you have a favorite cereal? If so, what is it? Honestly it’s hard to me to name a favorite, I’m like that with a lot of things :->

Since my family loves cereal as much as I do I’m always looking for cost saving measures on what we eat most. Do you use a mobile phone? If so you really need to check out an app called Ibotta. This app has been helping me not only save money at the grocery store but it has also brought new items to my attention that my family has really enjoyed. When you are ready to grocery shop go to your Ibotta app and select your store. You will see items that will give you cash back after your purchase. Some items offer $1.00 cash back, and that’s on top of your coupon use! Ibotta is really a great resource to save money with your groceries.

I’m focusing on cereal here so let’s check out Ibotta on your mobile phone for weekly General Mills cereal offers at WinCo. Each week from 4/10-5/25 there will be a featured cereal of the week that you can redeem for $1.50! If you buy 5 cereals, you can redeem an additional $2.50! Cereals included in this offer are Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Chocolate Toast Crunch, Golden Grams, Dark Chocolate Multigrain Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Fiber One Protein. Save up to $9.50 on your favorite cereals! For more information visit Ibotta’s blog –







Lily and Katie enjoying their cereals. Hey, girls? Hey, can you look up please?








Ah yes. Thanks for taking a break with your cereal. Well, almost taking a break.


Also, I have found the best prices on my family’s daily grocery needs at WinCo. They offer fresh produce, baked goods and nice selection of meats that will go over really well for up coming holiday celebrations. Do you get creative with your holiday treats and make something using cereal? I’d love to be inspired by what you do! Please share!









Honey. Um… I’m doing something here. Can you leave Lily’s cereal alone?


 Win A $50 Winco Gift Card! Use The Ibotta App To Make Your $ Go Further!

I am thrilled that I am able to offer one of my lucky readers a $50 WinCo Gift Card! Shopping at WinCo and using the Ibotta app will help the $50 Gift Card go a very long way. What a great prize!













Rob! Honey, I think it’s time you made your own bowl of cereal.


Enter today to win a $50 Gift Card from WinCo and go check out all the yummy cereals General Mills has to offer. Be sure to use the Ibotta app for great deals. Enter now. Good luck!

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(*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills® via Burst Media. The opinions and text are mine.)


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