"You Don't Have To Learn The Hard Way" – – – A Review

Every facet of life requires the support of other people.”

There’s no one else to blame for your problems now or ever.”

You eventually come to believe whatever you keep telling yourself.”

These are just a few gems of wisdom shared by author J.R. Parrish in his latest book “You Don’t Have to Learn The Hard Way – Making it in the Real World: A Guide for Graduates“.

J.R. Parrish had a very challenging childhood but remained strong in spirit. As a young man he was lucky to be mentored by a gentleman that would quietly guide him to great success. The lessons taught, and lessons learned along J.R. Parrish’s path to success, are what fill the pages of “You Don’t Have To Learn The Hard Way.”

This book was written for recent high-school and/or College graduates, and although I am many years past those events I found J.R. Parrish’s ideas and words inspiring. In the preface he claims; “If you’re willing to apply what you read within these pages, within a year, you’ll be able to function at the level of someone ten years your senior.” Alright! Oh, if only this book had come out *mumble*mumble* years ago. I needed this guidance. And I still do!

You Don’t Have to Learn The Hard Way – Making it in the Real World: A Guide for Graduates” is a fantastic gift for new graduates. There are chapters which give wonderful advice on marriage, finance and parenting as well.

As long as you keep your mind and heart open, there is always room for improvement. Learn something new every day, it’s a wonderful way to take care of yourself, and those you love.

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