You Want Me To Do How Many Crunches?!?

Alright, I’ve begun my transformation. I actually did sign-up with 24 Hour Fitness and yesterday was my first time working out in a gym. Really. I’ve never been a member of a gym before. While talking with moms at school yesterday I got the feeling that I’m the only one too! Am I?

Before I went in I was nervous. I kept telling myself not to look around at anyone, just focus on me, and the pep talk worked. I made it through the doors. You see, new situations aren’t easy for me. I have major anxiety. I’ve lost sleep anticipating new doctor visits, or having to go to dinner parties. What’s my problem?! I need to get over myself. OK, onward!

While looking around the gym at everyone lifting, running, crunching, I was pleased to see that there were all shapes and sizes. I had this image in my mind of everyone being tan, their blonde hair bouncing in their perfect ponytails. I thought I would have to lose weight before I joined a gym! When I met my Trainer (ahem, yep, I have a Trainer :->) I was reassured that we are all here to feel better, and to be healthy. Sounds terrific to me.

I must say I do feel better. I’ve faced one fear, going to a gym. Now next week I’ll face another, learning how to work an Elliptical machine. Wish me luck!

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